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18ft Skiff Grand Prix Day 1 & 2

2012. May 12. 18:34

from The first two days in Hungary on Balatonföldvar were absolute summer days, warm and shifty light winds. In this absolutely amazing chilling spot the Ten Teams from UK, Germany and Hungary were hosted as friendly as last year. Red Bull as a sponsor and a local company named Efesk served dinner and the typical Red Bull Party and Music Mobil. Today there were two Bands playing live for the sailors leisure.

About the Sailing: Not very surprising after two days with two races Hyde Sails with new boat kills everybody with amazing Upwind speed and gains to clean wins. Behind them there crowds up with 6 points Black Dog, UK, Pica, UK and Liberty Sailing from Hungary. Behind those the three German Teams cue up, Magic Marine, Alba Marine and Euro Link, followed by LED, Young & Reckless, UK and the second Hungarian team. The weatherforecast promises for tomorrow Late afternoon 35 knots and sunday a stable breeze of 20 knots, so everything can still change. But one thing can’t: Also this year has been worth coming that long way for Hungary is a great venuefor 18 foot racing.

More reporting tomorrow

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