Spartacus Sailing Club


Spartacus Sailing Club (Spartacus Vitorlás Egylet) was formed in 1990. The founding members were the members of the defunct Sailing Division of the Spartacus Athletic Club (Budapesti Spartacus SC). These members indicated the continuation of the old worthwhile traditions of the past by keeping the name Spartacus.

This actually had happened several times in the history of the club when the 1949 established Military Sailing Club (Honvéd Vitorlás Egyesület) changed the name to Sailing Division of the Budapest Military Club (Budapesti Honvéd SE Vitorlás Szakosztály) in 1950. This was to be followed by the next change in 1957 to the Builders’ Sport Club (Épitök Sportkör), then in 1959 to the Performing Artists’ Sport Club (Müvész SE) for a few years; then again in 1962 to the Sailing Division of the Spartacus Athletic Club (Budapesti Spartacus SC Vitorlás Szakosztály). Only the name changed; neither the members not the spirit of the club changed.

A great chance came to purchase the facility in 1991 and the land in 1993. Accordingly, the members of the Spartacus Sailing Club own the whole establishment and the club is run as a business. The parcel of the establishment was originally formed by the dredged up sand and mud of the Balatonföldvár harbor into a peninsula; the area covers 1.83 acres (7400 m²= 79,653 ft²).

The Hungarian Royal Yacht Club built a clubhouse, it was inaugurated in 1939. The Military Club was given the southern plain area as well in postwar 1949. There was a small structure with a small workshop/boatyard, some showers and quarters of the caretaker. Since the clubhouse had no living quarters for the members, life for the club members started in large military tents with bunk beds that could sleep 20–24 people. The original clubhouse still stands almost intact and comprises of the office and a social area, meeting hall. The southern area where the tents and the old structure had been went through several changes; now it gives home to a social area/dining room, snack bar, workshop/boatyard, guest rooms and the quarters of the care taker. The facility is surrounded by Lake Balaton on three sides. Toward the harbor side three moles serve the mooring of the cabin cruisers and the motorboats. Two ramps serve the launching of the dinghies on the western side.

Membership numbers almost a hundred, there are also those who are worthy of the status of competitors, and the youth group, future replacements; they actively participate in the life of the club.

The competitors of the club continuously comprised a major part of the national team and have won innumerable championship medals. They constantly participated in the Olympic Games representing Hungary. Szabolcs Detre with his brother, Zsolt won the bronze medal of the Flying Dutchman class in Tallin, USSR in 1980, Tamás Pomucz with Béla Argay were European champions in 1989. Szabolcs Majthényi with András Domokos have won eight World and three European Championship titles in the Flying Dutchman class.

Besides the numerous national regattas the club has organised a number of international events, for example Flying Dutchman World Championship in 1996, 2005; Finn European Championship in 2007; Star European Championship in 2000 and 2008; Star District Championship in 1992, 2002, 2006, 2011; Star Spring Championship in 2003. The series continues in 2013 when Spartacus Sailing Club organises two major events: the Flying Dutchman Worlds and the Optimist European Championship.