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Choco Cup flight assignments for day 2

2013. June 21. 21:47
Máthé Marian

+ Flight assignments (blue and... more »

Choco Cup – Day 1

2013. June 21. 21:38
Gereben Marci

The Choco Cup kicked off today with two races in the hot Balaton summer. The light breeze and scorching sunshine made it challenging for the kids to stay focused. 127 young Opti sailors from 15 countries entered this regatta which is a dress rehersal for the European Championship starting next week. The fleet was divided into two groups, Yellow Group... more »

Choco Cup Programme

2013. June 8. 14:56
Gereben Marci

From 21 to 23 June, Choco Cup seems to be the perfect warm-up for the Optimist European Championship, one week before the main event. The name tells it all: it is a fun regatta with plenty of chocolates and biscuits on and off the water, supplied by our generous partners. We are looking forward to welcoming You! . Programme details: + ChocoCup2013Prog . NOR... more »

Enno Kramer and Ard Geelkerken – 2013 World Champions

2013. May 31. 17:40
Máthé Marian

The Flying Dutchman World Championship concluded today in Balatonföldvár. Race 8 was sailed in shifty winds and was won by NED 26, Kramer–Geelkerken securing the title in style. The Dutch team showed super consistent performance, their worst score was a fifth! The fleet had to wait in thunderstorms for the wind to stabilize to start the final race. The... more »

Flying Dutchman World Championship – Day 4

2013. May 30. 13:45
Máthé Marian

In trying conditions – cold, rainy weather, medium winds – the 85-strong FD fleet sailed another two races on Thursday, bringing the number of completed races to seven. Race 6 was won by the Hungarian team of Majthényi–Domokos (HUN 70). Their main rivals the Bojsen–Moller brothers (DEN 21) and the duo of Kramer–Geelkerken (NED 26) finished right... more »

Flying Dutchman World Championship – Day 3

2013. May 29. 16:38
Máthé Marian

One race was sailed today in good wind conditions. The seven times World Champion Bojsen-Möller brothers won the race, the Hungarian Majthenyi–Domokos team finished third, after the Austrian team of Aichholzer–Zingerle. Chief Organizer Béla Erdélyi started a second race, but it could not be finished as the wind did not cooperate. If weather permits... more »

Flying Dutchman World Championship, Balatonföldvár – Day 2

2013. May 28. 19:30
Máthé Marian

The day started with postponement, due to lack of wind. In the afternoon two races were successfully completed in gradually strengthening wind. Race 3 was won with impressive lead by the 9 times World Champion Majthényi – Domokos team. Their great rival, DEN 21 Bojsen-Moller brothers finished 3rd. Race 4 started in fresh wind, which gradually increased... more »

Flying Dutchman World Championship – Day 1

2013. May 27. 16:11
Máthé Marian

Two races were successfully completed in fresh winds on the first racing day of the Flying Dutchman Worlds. The Danish Bojsen Moller brothers, who won the first race, were disqualified in Race 2 due to black flag premature start. Race 2 was won by the nine times world champion HUN 70 Majthenyi–Domokos boat. Results after the first two races: 1. NED 26... more »

Raiffeisen Optimist Cup – Final Day

2013. April 28. 16:13
Gereben Marci

The Raiffeisen Optimist Cup has come to an end in the most popular youth class. 89 Opti sailors from six countries competed in this 3-day regatta. A total of seven races were completed in beautiful conditions. SZILASI Fábián (Kereked VK) won the overall title, overnight leader David LUCAN (YCBb) had to settle for second due to a black flag start in the... more »

Raiffeisen Optimist Cup – Second Day

2013. April 27. 16:19
Gereben Marci

Austro–Hungarian Dominance Another three races were held today in Balatonföldvár at the F. W. Raiffeisen Cup in a fresh Bft 4–5 wind from S–SW. The regatta is a great chance for the young sailors from six countries to get familiar with the venue of the forthcoming European Championship in racing conditions. All of the starts today went off under... more »